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Beware of Fake/Fraudsters

We are here to prevent you from getting trapped with incompetent packers and movers in order to save your precious time and money.

Who all are these?

Well, one cannot avoid confusion gripping him/her when there are so many fake companies/person claiming blatantly to be the partners, agents or associates of VRL Packers & Movers Ltd. and working unjustly under the registered trade name of VRL PACKERS AND MOVERS LTD. or or VRL or VRL Movers Group.

How Do They Trap People?

1) Fraud Paid Ads on Search Engines
Fraud moving companies go by another twisted way to make themselves noted among the masses and contact the public by listing itself on these famous B2B portals, like or Just Dial , and popular search engines.

This way is increasingly gaining popularity because of the wide acceptance and popularity of Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. and other B2B sites.

After seeing a company listed on these popular web portals enforces the customers to accept their credibility as they are completely ignorant about the fact that such listings are paid and before getting listed on these portals, they are not evaluated on any grounds. Hence, such a facility is opening doors for the fraud companies to perform their malicious operations in full swing.

2) Attractive Web Portals
3) False Brand Associations
4) Fake Pricing
5) Services at Unbelievably Low Prices

Fake Packing and Moving Companies/Person on a Roll, Exposed

If you are shifting your goods through any random packing & moving company, then beware, because it is very likely that the company booked for shifting your household, would evade with your goods and money, and never shift it actually, thereby, leaving you waiting for your valuable possessions to be shifted for the entire life. There are lots of fraud companies working in this sector, reaching out to public via internet and other mediums of information access and beguiling people by showcasing themselves as an agent company or as a company associated in one way or the other with the brand companies, and enticing them to avail their services at very less prices. Such low prices and unfairly displayed brand associations compel customers to avail such fraud company’s services, but at what cost – at the cost of their precious goods possessed over lifetime and hard-earned money.

Recently, such a case came into the limelight in which Mr. Hitesh Patel hired a company with the name similar to VRL Packers and Movers Limited, i.e., VRL Shifting Solution (P) Ltd. for moving its consignment from Mumbai to Delhi. To Mr. Patel, VRL Shifting Solution (P) Ltd, with the domain on the search engines, falsely claimed to be a company of VRL Movers Group with an address L-117, Mahipalpur, Old Rangpuri Road, New Delhi- 37. More than 20 days have already been passed, but Mr. Patel has not received his consignment in Delhi or any information regarding the same. When on searching more about the hired company’s credentials and tracing it at its address, it was found out that there has not been any office of the company at the mentioned address. However, the riveting part is that this packing company has published all the requisite packing and moving documents to sustain in this business and capture the customer’s attention and deals fraudulently.

At its initial investigation stage, police has lodged an FIR No.8929 Dt.17/12/2019 against a suspect named Abhishek and has booked a case under section 407 and 507. Other culprits and all the other masterminds are yet to be tracked down. Thus, there are number of FIR against these false/duplicate operations.

News about original vrl packers and movers

Welcome to the VRL Team Help! We are here to save you from getting confused or trapped

We are coming across a number of cases that are bringing the increased operations of fake companies and their advanced ways to trap the innocents into light. These fake companies/persons are reaching out to the masses that are looking for the market’s leaders in relocation: VRL Packers & Movers Ltd. to shift their household goods, but such fake companies are compelling them by falsely and smartly claiming to be the partners or have some kind of associations with us or some other attraction.

It is really astounding to know that lots of people who are getting trapped every day include numbers of educated and professional ones. This translates the fact that the fraud-moving companies have been working through really advanced ways that are not only tricking the innocents but also are succeeding in fooling the masterminds including I.T. personnel, bank managers, advocates, police officers, etc. Such advanced techniques at display could pose difficulty to anyone in judging the fraud company’s crooked credentials and believing its fake existence.

Here is an example where the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) even got confused to find the real one as they have given their report on a fake company (VRL Home Packers and Movers), which is similar and identical to our trade name and nowhere belongs to VRL Packers and Movers Ltd. Therefore, it is advised you to verify completely before handing over your valuable belongings for move.

Be cautious! Whilst it has been worked out that every day, on an average, 47 people get trapped; people, like me and you, become one of those statistics. If you or your near or dear ones have not been trapped as yet, maybe your or their turn is tomorrow.

Here are the identities of Original VRL Packers and Movers i.e. us:

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  • The significant Bird-Logo,Vrl Packers and Movers | Movimg Company in Mumbai
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Media Highlights

We have been doing whatever we can in order to clear this mess, and in this respect, we have took some stringent actions against some fraudsters through the cases which came into our notice.